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Dissolution Votes in Williamsville & Sloan

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. - Residents in the Villages of Sloan and Williamsville spoke loud and clear in the voting booths Tuesday, voting, by an overwhelming margin, to keep their respective village governments. 

Earlier in the day, government downsizing advocate Kevin Gaughan could not have felt terribly comfortable outside of the polling places in both Williamsville and Sloan Tuesday, as voters in both the villages decided whether to dissolve their local governments.

Outnumbered 15-1 at one point early in the afternoon, Gaughan politely asked voters for their consideration. The referendums are part of Gaughan's movement to reduce the size of local governments by letting the people decide for themselves.

From the moment voting began, the polling places in both villages were extremely busy, as were the parking lots, with plenty of jousting between Gaughan and the villagers.

Today Show Features Dorm Co, a WNY Business

It's not much for aesthetics. Funny, because their products make living space more beautiful for others. 

Dorm Co's Cheektowaga warehouse is a sea of cardboard boxes strewn about. Half are arrivals from international manufacturers, and half are are on their way out to paying customers in North America.

This internet based business helps college bound students decorate their room for less, and now publicity from the Today Show promises to fill Dorm Co's inbox with even more orders!

More info on the company is at www.dormco.com .


Video for this story is temporarily unavailable. It will likely be restored later today (Wednesday).



Body Scanners at Buffalo Niagara International Airport

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. - It's the dawn of a new security era at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. The first of five advanced imaging or backscatter technology machines has been installed at the airport.

At first glance it looks like any other screening booth, but the difference is what is being seen behind a closed door.

While the passenger is going through the screener, a T.S.A. worker in another room is viewing the x-ray images. The details are blurred, but it is very noticeable if someone is hiding something.

While the travelers 2 On Your Side spoke with don't seem to mind, the process has drawn quite a bit of controversy. In fact lawsuits have been filed over health and privacy concerns as well as whether the images would be stored. That is something that Rick DePietro of the T.S.A. says can't happen.

Gary Korkuc Of Suburban Buffalo Charged With Animal Cruelty, Accused Of Marinating Cat

Buffalo, NY -The Cheektowaga man accused of marinating his cat failed to show up for a scheduled appearance Tuesday morning in Buffalo City Court.

A non-appearance bench warrant has now been issued for 51-year-old Gary Korkuc.

Buffalo police believe the cat could have become a meal, however, had they not pulled over a Cheektowaga man for failing to stop at a stop sign on the 1100 block of Broadway earlier this month.

According to a police report officers in the process of ticketing Gary Korkuc, 51, discovered the cat which "...appeared to be marinating in crushed red pepper, chili powder, salt and oil" inside his car.

"From what we understand from Buffalo Police the person who owned this kitty was marinating him in order to cook him," said Gina Browning, Spokesperson for the SPCA of Erie County.

Korkuc denies he was planning to eat the cat.

"No, no that's conjecture and that's an assumption," Korkuc told WGRZ-TV.

Buffalo Area Volunteer Fireman Engaged At Erie County Fair

HAMBURG, N.Y. - The crowd gathered in the grandstand to watch the Fireman's Parade at the Erie County Fair got a bonus surprise Friday night.

Of course, the most surprised of all was Amanda Pieczynski.

Her boyfriend Andrew Atkinson is a member of the South Line Volunteer Fire Department.

As his unit completed the final leg of its march around the oval of the fairground's race track, they suddenly stopped and faced toward where she was sitting along the infield.

As Andrew broke ranks and strode toward her, she had a confused look on her face-- but only for a moment.

She began crying with joyous disbelief as members of the department got down on one knee, each holding a letter up, to make a sign that spelled out :

W-I-L-L  Y-O-U  M-A-R-R-Y  M-E-?