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Jacobs’ Office Responsible for 50% of County Surplus | News

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Jacobs’ Office Responsible for 50% of County Surplus
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Jacobs’ Office Responsible for 50% of County Surplus

       Says proud of role Clerk’s office plays to support critical services while keeping down taxes

Erie County, NY – Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs reported today that his office accounted for 50% of the overall county surplus.  Jacobs’ is referring to the County Comptroller’s report released yesterday which shows an overall budget surplus of $4.27 Million, and  “roughly 50% of the county’s entire operating surplus,” came from the County Clerk  said the Erie County Comptroller in his budget close-out report.

“We were proud to report our over $2 million dollar surplus several months ago but the fact that we contributed such a large percentage to the County’s overall surplus is quite significant,” said Jacobs. The Clerk’s Office represents only 4% of the County’s work force but is responsible for one-half of the 2012 County’s surplus.

“We believe that reforms we have implemented in the Clerk’s Office are a major reason for this surplus,” said Jacobs.  When Jacobs came into office he inherited major problems in the Land Records Division with months of unopened mail, un-deposited checks and unreturned legal documents. Jacobs created a “Re-Engineering Working Group” which came up with nearly 30 reforms to improve efficiency and customer service.

“We will continue to make this office a model of government operations,” added County Clerk Jacobs. “Efficiencies that drive revenue ultimately benefit the taxpayer.”

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