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Iwo Jima Veteran Laid To Rest On Veterans Day | News

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Iwo Jima Veteran Laid To Rest On Veterans Day

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. - Gerald Dove could have stepped right out of the pages of Tom Brokaw's book, The Greatest Generation.

He dropped out of Kensington High School, lied about his age in order to join the Marine Corps and wound up fighting in the battle of Iwo Jima.

The five week battle had some of the fiercest and bloodiest fighting in the Pacific War.

Mr. Dove passed away last week at the age of 87.

His children said their dad lived a good and full life. After returning home from the war he married and worked for 39 years for the Buffalo Police Department.

Mr. Dove's son Brian eulogized him on Monday, his heart breaking, he said he was struck when he read Tom Brokaw's book.

Brian Dove: "I was like oh my goodness this is my dad, the stories were exactly what my dad was like."

Brian Dove said one of the many lessons he learned from his dad was what sacrifice truly meant and then to illustrate it, he read a passage from the book that described his father and his generation.

"They faced great odds and a late start but they did not protest. They succeeded on every front, as they now reach the twilight of their adventures and productive lives they remain for the most part exceptionally modest.

Brian Dove: "As I mentioned, dad didn't talk much about the war and didn't think he had done anything special. But it wasn't just my dad, it was his whole generation that went through those things and it was the sacrifices they gave for all of us to be here today."

With his family and friends surrounding him, Mr. Dove was laid to rest in the cemetary right behind the church. He was buried in his dress uniform.

Scott Brown: "Is it at all fitting that today is Veteran's Day?"

Brian Dove: "That was part of it, that was by design and yesterday was the anniversary of the Marine Corps, so that's part of what today was all about, we chose to bury him today."

Scott Brown: 'If people see a veteran today what would you like them to say?"

Brian Dove: "You know it sounds corny but thank them for their service, right thank them for everything they've done for us."


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