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West Seneca Forensic Science Students 'Conduct Investigation'

West Seneca Forensic Science Students 'Conduct Investigation'

West Seneca students in Forensic Science classes had the opportunity to process a simulated crime scene with help from local law enforcement on Tuesday, May 24 during a hands-on field trip.

The West Seneca Police, along with Det. Sgt. Dan Barrett from the Buffalo PD, recreated a home invasion crime scene involving a shooting for the students to investigate. Students had to secure the scene, interview witnesses and collect evidence. They then took their evidence to the West Seneca Police Department’s crime lab to analyze their findings. They will continue to work on solving this "crime" in their classroom.

The Forensic Science course is offered at West Seneca East and West Seneca West high schools in partnership with Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA), through which qualifying students receive a regular Syracuse University transcript recording their credit. West Seneca is one of only three area districts to participate in SUPA.

Gabryszak: Legislation Helps Keep Domestic Violence Victims’ Addresses Confidential

Gabryszak: Legislation Helps Keep Domestic Violence Victims’ Addresses Confidential


It takes tremendous strength, resolve and courage for domestic violence victims to leave their abusers. Escaping the abusive home should end the violence, not be an incentive for more. Victims should never have to live in fear of their abusers seeking them out to harm them or their children. That’s why I’ve been working to ensure that domestic violence victims’ new addresses will be kept private and out of public records.

Gabryszak: Threats Should be Taken Seriously

Gabryszak: Threats Should be Taken Seriously

"Over the weekend, many of my colleagues received an anonymous email that directly threatened their lives, expressing his or her discontent with the budget and lawmakers. Any direct threat to someone should be taken seriously, especially with the tragedy that occurred in Arizona with Congresswoman Giffords, members of her staff and the public.

“Violence is never the answer in any situation and threatening someone’s life is unspeakable.  The state legislature is having authorities investigate this matter and I believe the author of this email will be found and justice will be served.

“I have had received threats in the past and it was worrisome to think that someone would want to put any family, including mine, in danger.

Higgins Leads Effort to Restore Federal Security Funding to WNY

Higgins Leads Effort to Restore Federal Security Funding to WNY

Congressman Fights to Keep Millions for Buffalo Border Community and Other High-Risk Locations

Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-27), a member of the House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security, is leading an effort to restore Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) funding to the Buffalo area and similarly sized regions across the state and nation.  A bipartisan group of twenty-three Representatives have signed on to Congressman Higgins letter opposing an amendment, passed by the House, which would reduce UASI eligible cities from 64 high-risk urban areas to only 25.

“While smaller in population, Buffalo and other cities with unique risk features have been identified as high-threat areas and together with my colleagues we are fighting to make sure public safety is not abandoned in our communities,” said Congressman Higgins, who serves on the Border and Maritime Security and Counterterrorism and Intelligence subcommittees.

Erie County Probation Officers Make Arrests

BUFFALO, NY -- Erie County Probation Officers took some potentially dangerous offenders back off the streets last week. 

Probation Officers served two warrants on offenders wanted for felony charges.  Joanne Medley of St. Lawrence Place in Buffalo was arrested on felony possession of cocaine charges and bail jumping on a warrant from Georgia.  She also had a felony warrant in Lackawanna.  Gary Agthe of Mill Road in West Seneca was arrested for violating a probation warrant.  He was also found to have a felony warrant in the Town of Cheektowaga.

Man Calls Crime Stoppers Tip Line Asking To Buy Drugs

Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard is announcing the arrest today of two people on drug related charges after a man inadvertently contacted the Crime Stoppers tipline early this afternoon asking to be “hooked up” with some drugs.

Sr. Detective Alan Rozansky received the call around noon, answering the phone with his identifying salutation:  “Crime Stoppers”.  The caller evidently didn’t hear Rozansky and continued to ask him if he could “hook me up” with some drugs. 

Rozansky proceeded to play along with the caller and arranged a meeting in the parking lot of a restaurant at Main Street and Transit Road in Clarence a short time later.

ECSO undercover narcotics detectives arrived at the scene and questioned the suspect. Information was developed and through the course of the investigation it was determined a local woman was selling her prescription of Suboxone. 

De-Mobilizing Gang Members

Claude AnShin Thomas will visit the Buffalo area next month. Here's another email from his trip to Columbia where he visited young people trying to get out of the 7,000 member gang named Combus.


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